Sydney has become a global centre for business investment and talent, and Business NSW (Sydney) is working hard to maintain and enhance the harbour city’s international profile. We’re a key player in shaping government policy and a leading advocate for Sydney as a highly competitive and liveable global city.

What we do for you

Business NSW (Sydney) has been supporting Sydney-based businesses since 1826. Our mission is to identify, develop and promote a positive agenda to drive economic activity and grow Sydney’s business environment. We provide a strong voice for the interests of Sydney businesses, and are focused on:

  • Reforming Sydney’s local governance
  • Recycling state assets to fund new transport and infrastructure projects
  • Supporting the evolution of Sydney’s cultural and tourism offerings
  • Advocating for urban renewal and planning reform
  • Encouraging the evolution of Sydney’s service economy
  • Building Sydney’s standing in the arts and international education
  • Lifting Sydney’s status as a global destination for business and leisure

Please visit the Business Sydney website for more information.


Public Affairs Manager 
David Peters

Senior Manager, Program & Partnership Development
David Orr

Events Team

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