Of the few enduring, independent, not-for-profit organisations in Australia, Business NSW is the only one focused on the wellbeing of the business community. Our purpose has always been to provide a strong, clear voice for businesses on the issues important to their livelihood.

Working closely with our members, we identify key issues and find practical policy solutions to ensure businesses across NSW prosper and grow.


We’re for businesses of all sizes

Our national brand  My Business  provides a range of products and services that help your business become more productive, competitive, and profitable.

All operating surplus goes back to support Business NSW’s advocacy initiatives.

We're your subject matter experts

We proactively conduct research and deliver resources like our business surveys to develop evidence-based policy solutions and insights that are meaningful for business and workable for government and key decision makers.

We advocate for a healthy business environment and a stable economy.

We connect your business

As a member of Business NSW, you are connected to a diverse network of businesses. From microenterprises and startups to industry-leading corporations, our members have access to a world of expertise.

Our members form part of a strong alliance network of more than 200 Chambers of Commerce across NSW.

We've got your back

Business NSW is a powerful voice for your business. We represent your issues in  submissions  to key decision-makers in local, state and federal governments. We also publicise areas of interest using media and social media.


Business NSW has been advocating to create a better Australia by representing the political needs of businesses at the highests levels.

As the State’s peak pro-business organisation we are an authoritative voice in the public arena, for nearly 200 years we have been challenging governments and decision-makers to create the economic conditions that allow businesses to grow and drive our State forward.

Our experience has proven that working together drives prosperity, creates new jobs, and builds better communities for everyone.

our history


We’re here for all Australian businesses. Whether it's fighting for more funding for business, improvements to workplace policies or reforming business taxation we’re always trying to improve conditions for business.
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