Local government and planning


Our advocacy agenda for local government and planning

Through policy submissions and engagement with government and other key stakeholders, Business NSW seeks positive changes to the local government and land use planning systems to help make NSW a better place to do business.

With changes in demographics, increasing demands on local infrastructure and a much tighter fiscal environment for governments generally we believe that maintaining so many councils in NSW is simply not feasible. We support wide ranging reform of local government in NSW to create councils that are stronger, better resourced, strategically focused and responsive to the needs of business.  

The ongoing challenges of housing supply and the availability of land for employment and industry are also a key concern for business. We believe a better land use planning system is needed to encourage growth and sustainable development. 

our current advocacy agenda

Business NSW takes your local government and planning concerns to government decision-makers. Our current advocacy agenda includes:

  • reforming local government to ensure it is more accountable, responsive to business needs and able to deliver services efficiently and financially sustainable
  • implementing a land use planning system that supports economic growth, promotes sustainable development, maintains an open, transparent and timely assessment process and promotes whole of community strategic planning.