Businesses in NSW depend on shared infrastructure: roads and railways that can move goods and people around quickly and smoothly; systems that deliver affordable, reliable energy while minimizing their environmental footprint; telecommunication networks that allow businesses to communicate with customers and suppliers around the world instantaneously.

Driving better outcomes for all

Business NSW advocates at state and federal levels to maintain and enhance the essential infrastructure that keeps businesses running today and tomorrow.

Our current advocacy agenda

Business NSW takes your infrastructure concerns to government decision-makers. Our current advocacy agenda includes:

  • developing integrated transport and land use plans for the Sydney metropolitan area and NSW regions
  • ensuring businesses can get cost-effective and reliable energy and water supply
  • improving roads and railways, ports and airports to enhance the movement of goods across NSW and to the wider world
  • scrutinising major programs such as the National Broadband Network, to make sure they are doing the things businesses need
  • finding the best ways to fund infrastructure and project delivery
  • streamlining the planning system to support economic growth, through an open, transparent and timely assessment process.