Industry and Innovation

Innovation is essential to maintaining our competitiveness and creating new opportunities. Collaboration between businesses and our research institutions is a key way to stimulate innovation. That’s why we’ve worked to support businesses and researchers coming together to discover new solutions to industry problems. 

Thought Leadership

Our Thought Leadership reports are a direct result of this approach. Business NSW developed this discussion paper in consultation with more than 100 industry, government, and research sectors.

It sets out a practical roadmap and identifies key ways businesses can work with the industry-research sector to improve commercial outcomes.

Our current advocacy agenda

We work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration between businesses and industry research bodies. Our current advocacy agenda includes:

  • increasing meaningful engagement between industry and universities through internships
  • organising forums for business people to meet university researchers
  • linking funding for research organisations and individual researchers to social and commercial outcomes
  • getting researchers ‘business ready’ and businesses ‘research ready’
  • simplifying intellectual property transfer for short-term collaboration
  • establishing ‘Good Practice’ forums for university corporate engagement and collaboration
  • creating and facilitating a ‘marketplace’ for research expertise.