Business NSW says the NSW Government needs a seamless transition with its portfolio changes as the State looks to bounce back from the ravages of COVID 19.

20 December 2021

Premier Perrottet has formally announced his new Ministry, with a number of changes in key personnel, as well as the creation of a Minister for Cities and Minister for Enterprise.

“I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Damien Tudehope during his time as Small Business Minister. He was a tireless advocate for the hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the state during the biggest economic crisis of a generation,” said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

“Business NSW looks forward to working with Minister Tudehope in his role as Minister for Finance and Minister for Employee Relations and congratulate Eleni Petinos on being named the new Minister for Small Business.

“The Small Business community across NSW looks forward to a good working relationship with Ms Petinos and is eagerly awaiting her vision for the sector that drives our economy.

“The appointment of a Minister for Cities shows positive intent. This will enable coordinated focus on sustainable growth and new economy transition in our power-house centres of NSW.

“Stuart Ayres has been named the first Minister for Enterprise. He has shown great enthusiasm and dedication in past portfolios, and this is an attempt to streamline a number of touch points for business as they look to grow, innovate and prosper.

“With an election in NSW due in just 15 months, the new Ministry has no time to waste in getting on with the job for the prosperity of the State,” Mr Hunter said.

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