The State Council is Business NSW’s principal advisory body. The Regional Councils advise the State Council on policy issues that affect our regional members.

About the State Council

The State Council is Business NSW’s principal advisory body. Office bearers are elected from our members and join up to five Board members plus regional and member-elected Councillors.

The State Council has established a number of standing committees (each with their own charter), including:

●    Business Environment and Economics Committee
●    Infrastructure Committee
●    Membership Committee
●    Occupational Health and Safety Committee
●    Sydney Business Chamber Regional Council
●    Workforce Skills Committee
●    Workplace Relations Committee

About the Regional Advisory Councils

Our regional councils help keep our ear to the ground. They advise the State Council on policy issues that affect our regional members. They also provide a direct line of communication from our members to our management team and the Board.


Business NSW Councilors

Mr Lyall Gorman (President)

Mr Omar Afiouni

Prof Trevor Cairney OAM

Mr Rob Drage

Ms Judith Field

Ms Amy Harper

Mr Cameron Arnold

Mr Warrick McLean

Mr Terrence (Terry) Wetherall AM

Mr Graham Morgan

Ms Anne Parnham

Mr Andrew Vlachos

Mr Brett Manwaring (Vice President)

Ms Barbara Ketly

Ms Janice Cullen OAM

Mr Tony Rhodes

Ms Debra Fraser

Mr Simon Harrop

Ms Lynn McColl

Mr Greg McNamara

Mr Brian Millar

Mr David Mumford

Mr Kerry Wilson

Mr John Wakeling

Ms Nola Watson (Immediate Past President)

Ms Ellie Brown

Ms Aileen Macdonald OAM

Mr Scott Emerson

Mr Steven Moore

Mr Bruce Mackenzie

Mr Andrew Cottrill

Mr Michael Mekhitarian

Ms Natalie Mitchell

Mr Grahame Nash

Mr Gary Scott

Council Committees

Business Environment and Economics Committee

Judith Field (Chair)

Michael Mekhitarian

Grahame Nash

Anthony Bell

Graham Morgan

Daniel Rowan

Nabil Chammas

David Mumford

Infrastructure Committee

Ian Pedersen (Chair)

Warrick McLean

Scott Emerson

John Wakeling

Peter Gesling

Terry Wetherall

Regional President's Forum

Cameron Arnold

Stephen Grabowski

Lynn McColl

Graham Nash

Rob Drage

Amy Harper

Andrew Cottrill

Frank Sammut

Tony Rhodes

Bruce Mackenzie

Daniel Meyer

Workforce Skills Committee

Warrick McLean (Chair)

Prof Trevor Cairney OAM

Judith Field

Natalie Turmine

Omar Afiouni

Don Connochie

Debra Fraser

Ellie Brown

Rebecca Embleton

Patrick O'Reilly

Workplace Health and Safety Committee

Kerry Wilson (Chair)

Peter Browne

Sylvia Kidziak AM

Stephanie O'Dwyer

Toni Robertson

Lisa Thang

Sarah Ashton

Matt Hudson

Ian Lilley

James Oxenham

Anthony Sinikoski

Andrew Vlachos

Trevor Ballantyne

Steven Johnson

Lylea McMahon

Greg Pattison

Caitlin Stanistreet

Workplace Relations Committee

Kerry Wilson (Chair)

Gerry Carr

Robert Kirkham

Bruce Mackenzie

Anna-Maria Wade

To Bowers

Jane Cleary

Ian Lilley

Vince Surra

Nathan Bright

Mark Douglas

David Long

Andrew Vlachos

Business NSW Regional Presidents

Ms Lynn McColl
Capital/Far South Coast

Ms Barbara Ketley
Central Coast

Mr Bruce Mackenzie
Eastern Sydney

Mr Tony Rhodes
Business Hunter

Ms Amy Harper
Business Illawarra

Mr Graham Nash
Mid North Coast

Mr Andrew Cotrill

Ms Aileen MacDonald OAM
New England North West

Mr Cameron Arnold
Northern Rivers

Mr Michael Mekhitarian
Sydney West

Mr Rob Drage
Western NSW

Business NSW Honorary Life Governors

Mr John T Cameron

Elected November 1999

Mr Neville Sawyer AM

Elected November 2005

Mr Terry L Hunt

Elected November 1999


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