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 A Unexpected wonder of Corner Country!  

Population fluctuating between 2 and 7 people, located 2 hours north from Broken Hill, in an area with no local councils, never stops to amaze its visitors.Take a picture in your head of what you perceive to be a ghost town and then add elements of awesome hospitality in the one and only (left standing) pub, the visitor centre hosts that greet you in the ‘but wait there’s more’ historical precinct and the pleasure of camping by a waterhole in the middle of Outback Australia with your own campfire. This is Milparinka!This town services up to 455% of its population on each night of the peak season.

And how do they do that with only up to 7 in its population… it’s called local passion and passing that on to traveling volunteers!Let me explain. Milparinka has its own tourism promotion organisation that through the work of a small few, led by the amazing Ruth Sandow, station owner, President of the RFDS, and the brains behind the Milparinka Heritage Precinct, has empowered over 100 (yes 100) volunteers to help service visitor needs in Milparinka in the peak season.





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This manpower has meant that Milparinka has been put on the map as one of the most sought-after destinations in Outback NSW. Seven days a week and eight hours a day from mid-March to the end of October the volunteer roster ensures you have people meeting, greeting, and helping to interpret the heritage of Milparinka for any visitor.

The volunteers come from all states in Australia to give their time and share theirpassion for the town and its history. But it’s not only the hospitality that sets this town apart, it’s the ability to consume yourself into the past and understand more about the Outback towns’ birth, transition, and survival. Through many projects over the past 20 years, the town's greatest assets have been restored, the stories interpreted, and new experiences created.

The iconic Milparinka Hotel, an oasis in the outback. Milparinka, Corner Country,Outback NSW, Ausralia

Milparinka is currently one of the centerpieces for the grant-funded project ‘Sturt’s Steps’, due to be complete in 2023. This project was instigated by Milparinka Heritage & Tourism Association, which links all the Corner Country towns together in a tourism experience that follow Captain Charles Sturt’s Inland Expedition. Although it follows this one adventurer’s story, what is unique about this experience is that it links all regional information for the visitors to take in; Flora & Fauna, Geology, Aboriginal, European and current way of life are all themes that help visitors to discover more about Corner Country on Sturt’s Steps.

A trip to Milparinka is not just a stop on the way, it’s a destination in its own right and one that immerses you in an education of remote Australia and an appreciation of our country. Don’t drive past, you will miss out!

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Four days in Malparinka!

As many flock to closer destinations... the Outback is gaining a distinct advantage. 

Explore the many identified heritage sites on the western side of the town using our Walking Tour map. See the sites where over 50 buildings existed in the 1800’s that now only remnants remain. 

With prior arrangement a visit to Mt Brown Station is a must to understand the story behind what a bustling township it was and the cemetery tells the story of the families and hardship being had. 

Sturt's Depot is an important landmark with many stories from our Aboriginal ancestors and the important role this area played in Sturt’s expedition. It involves Poole’s Grave site and an excellent walk to the top of Sturt’s Cairn. 




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