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Ahhh Maclean… Where to begin with this little Scottish town? 

Nestled comfortably on the banks of the mighty Clarence River just 15 min from Yamba in the Northern Rivers, filled with historic charm and beauty around every corner.When in Maclean it’s hard to ignore its unique charm and its tartan-painted power poles, with over 200 of them spread across the town. These poles alone are a magnet for visitors all over Australia, those wanting to find their family tartan, the ones intrigued and those who love the culture of it all.As you make your way through this small town’s main street your nose will be filled with freshly roasted coffee beans and baked treats.

Don’t feel like you’re looking out of place because everyone else around you are also following those comforting aromas. The motto here is do what the locals do, it’s pretty amazing how this place feels like a second home. It is comfortable and warm and it is familiar but new all at the same time. Now, don’t let it fool you, Maclean is more than meets the eye, when you think you’ve seen it all think again.





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Have you truly, wandered the historical streets and seen the historic buildings that shape this town? Seen the Pinnacle? And don’t even think about leaving this town if you haven’t been up to the Lookout. When you delve in and really get to know this town, the benefits and rewards are endless.

It’s here where time travel becomes a reality, step back in time and discover Maclean historic building or wander through the quaint local shops and art gallery. Follow the paved streets from one building to the next, from the CBD to the riverside precinct and it’s inevitable that you will have to find the will-power to pump your legs up a steep hill or two to get to a few other places, but believe us it’s all worth the effort.

The jetty downtown you will find a central meeting spot, people fishing, picnic lunch by the river or simply catch up with friends after browsing the local shops.For spectacular views of the Clarence Valley, head to the Maclean Lookout. Stroll to the viewing platform for The Pinnacle, a unique rock formation surrounded by subtropical rainforest, and an important Aboriginal cultural heritage site.

You really do feel on top of the world up here.But Maclean’s more than tartan power poles, Scottish souvenir shops and amazing cafés. Maclean is a connector, part river village, part coastal town, it is the beating heart of the Lower Clarence River.

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Four days in Maclean!

Maclean, the Scottish Town of Australia. A gateway to coast and country; part river village, part coastal town.

Immerse yourself in this 4-day drive visiting some of the Clarence Valleys most beautiful locations. Explore untouched coastal gems, relax on pristine beaches and refresh with coastal breezes.

Discover charming riverside villages that make you feel right at home, discover history and the local way of life.

This drive lets you enjoy both river and sea at your own pace, so take your time, enjoy and discover what this beautiful region has to offer you



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