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We are standing on a lookout nestled below the clouds looking at a valley that is second in size only to the Grand Canyon. A destination that has inspired us like no other location in NSW, possibly Australia, has done before. Situated amid seven national parks and seven state forests, with six sweeping valleys, Lithgow offers experiences in a natural environment that will leave you thirsting for more, and it doesn’t stop there: the destination is also home to a number of State-significant pioneering industrial attractions that take you back in time.

We arrived yesterday morning 90 minutes after leaving home in Sydney following the Great Western Highway into the Greater Blue Mountains, which Lithgow sits in the centre of. We started our adventures by heading to Hassans Walls Lookout, the highest lookout in the region (1,136sqm above sea level the locals tell us) and the outstanding panoramic views put a smile on our faces that didn’t leave us for the whole weekend.





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We head down into the city centre of Lithgow, 5 minutes away, and had lunch at the funky and chic Tin Shed with its size, high vaulted ceilings and great meals a real treat compared to the space constrained cafes in Sydney. Our post lunch stops were to marvel at the towering remains of Australia’s first modern blast furnace at Blast Furnace Park and then on to visit Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park, the site of the first State Government owned coal mine.

We finished this walk back through the industrial heritage of our country by visiting the Small Arms Factory Museum, which sits alongside the National Small Arms Factory, the first modern manufacturing plant in Australia, still operating today 100 years on. The Museum holds the largest collection of small arms in Australia.    

After spending the night at the amazingly luxurious 6-Star One & Only Wolgan Resort in Wolgan Valley we continued exploring what we eventually called “Nature’s Wonderland” (and there’s so much of the wonderland we have already booked our next long weekend).

First stop this morning was venturing up the Wolgan Valley into Newnes, where we explored the historic shale oil refinery ruins, we then followed a trail to the renowned and dreamlike Glow Worm Tunnel, which seems to go on forever - a must-do for any family with children.

Our final afternoon saw us exploring the World Heritage Listed Wollemi National Park, the largest wilderness area in NSW, it’s a maze of stunning canyons, cliffs and vast undisturbed forests. 

We rounded off our day by heading to the Capertee Valley, the second largest enclosed canyon in the world behind the Grand Canyon, USA. Standing at Pearsons Lookout marvelling at the Capertee Valley sweeping below us and gazing out to Pantones Crown, we felt a rich sense of pride to be Australians and now, forever friends of Lithgow.

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Four days in LIthgow!


When, as a couple, it’s time for your next trip in Australia how does a four and half thousand square kilometres adventure playground steeped in amazing heritage sound? Nestled in the midst of the mighty Greater Blue Mountains, built on a pioneering industrial heritage, Lithgow City is the heart of a regional destination full of unexpected experiences.

It is a region where you can explore amazing natural wonders of Australia, like the majestic Wolgan and Capertee Valleys, and discover the entrepreneurial spirit that made Australia what it is today. Lithgow is much more than you expected. Follow our itinerary to immerse yourself in an environment that offers experiences that will leave you wanting more.




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