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Centered on an island at the mouth of the Richmond River on NSW's North Coast, Ballina is a breath of fresh air! 

Known for its surf, seafood and sunseekers, Ballina is the social and commercial hub of the region. Here I find myself deep in the moment - I’ve escaped the everyday to come and enjoy the outdoors - and with plenty of scenic vistas and stunning sunsets I have many opportunities to snap of few pics. And it’s not just the scenery that’s making me get my lens cap off but also the interesting locals with their intriguing lifestyles.

Around every corner I’m finding a local carving out a way for themselves doing something inspiring. It must be all the fresh air!Strolling through town I pop in to see Kim Michelle Toft at Sea Silks Gallery who makes exquisite pieces painted on silk and is also the author and illustrator of children’s books with a marine life theme. Kim’s lifelong love of the ocean and its inhabitants has served as an inspiration to create these illustrious silk masterpieces and her multi-award winning environmental books. I pick up a few special handmade souvenirs to gift to my niece and mum who I know will appreciate the turquoise tones and coastal creatures. 





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After a leisurely stroll through the town centre of Ballina, and some great local tips from the staff at the touro bureau (Ballina’s Visitor Information Centre) I’m heading for Newrybar - an outer-lying village just north of Ballina - to try a locally grown and roasted coffee straight from the source at Zentvelds. Looking out over the Zentvelds coffee plantation, soaking up the sunshine and forgetting about all the things I had on my to do list yesterday, I am delighted by the earthy, nutty flavours of my fresh brew and I really start to relax.

I grab a few snaps of the green rolling hills and then head to the heart of Newrybar to meet some more of the regions makers, creatives and artisans at Newrybar Merchants, where a collective of artisans have set up shop. This is a beautifully curated and charmingly rustic space where I want to buy everything I set my eyes on! But I stick to the gift theme purchasing some deliciously aromatic locally made skin care products. 

All these delicious smells have made me work up an appetite and I’m now off to enjoy the bounty of produce this region is famous. ‘Ballina’ believed to have been derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Bullinah’ meaning ‘place of plenty or big stomach, plenty to eat’. I call into Richmond Oysters on the Serpentine, as I’ve heard the hot tip about these freshly shucked plumb beauties. I order a dozen and sit out on the understated deck enjoying the sunshine as I watch the hive of activity across the North Creek. It’s become very evident to me why this place, with its change of pace, is such a breath of fresh air! 

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Four days in Ballina

Jingi Wahla! Welcome to the Ballina Coast & Hinterland, the traditional Nyangbul Country of the Bundjalung Nation.

There are many memorable moments to be had with your family on the Ballina Coast & Hinterland. Bring your bikes, boards, bikini, bat and balls, boat, books, binoculars, brolly and beach gear to Ballina.

The beauty of Ballina is you can jam pack your itinerary with loads of soft adventure and family friendly activities or just kick back and let someone else do all the hard work for you while you relax and take it all in!

This family friendly itinerary is for everyday use. If you are visiting during the school holidays, we have the additional lively calendar of free and affordable activities available for school aged kids. Be sure to ask for your copy of the school holiday activity sheet at the Ballina Visitor Information Centre.


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