COVID-19 Recovery & The Economy


Our Policy and Advocacy team is exposed to valuable information on a daily basis. Our Chief Economist and our Policy Managers leverage these insights to give you informed summaries and reasoned business analysis during a time of dangerous hyperbole and speculation.

Mark Frost - Chief Economist
As Business NSW's Chief Economist, Mark is responsible for policy advice on economic matters.  Mark has worked both in Government and as a representative of business and brings experience across range of policy areas.

Simon Moore - Policy Manager, Infrastructure
Business depends on infrastructure to give them energy, transport, telecoms & water. Simon is responsible for policy in these areas, which forutnatley he's well suited to, having worked on energy & environmental policy for organizations in the UK & Canada. 

Elizabeth Greenwood - Policy Manager, Workers Compensation, WHS and Regulation
Liz's clout in advocating for businesses in relation to regulation, workers comp and WHS obligation comes from  a career as a commercial litigator, insolvency accountant, and 16 years of policy & member servicing at HIA with SME's in tax and compliance.

Tim Burt - Policy Manager, Workforce Skills 
Tim is responsible for policy advice on employment and education and training. Tim has worked in Government and the private sector including large and small businesses and brings significant experience in education and training and recruitment policy.