Vaccination: key to unlocking business freedom

2021 has been another tough year for business but together we’ve all been doing our bit. We can now see that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 

There is no doubt COVID-19 is here to stay but with high vaccination rates the vast proportion of the population will experience a life more ‘normal’, getting back to enjoying some freedoms and for businesses, opening the doors.  

And when it comes to rolling up sleeves, NSW has responded well to getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The double vaccination rates are now going up at a faster rate than the single dose rates. We have exceeded 60% and inching our way towards 70%. In the roadmap to freedom, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has advised stay-at-home orders will be lifted on the Monday after we reach 70% double vaccination – with new freedoms for those who are fully vaccinated. The projected day is Monday October 11. 

Business to business

Richard Spencer, Business NSW Chief Customer Experience Officer, said: “The government’s position is clear. The way out of widespread lockdowns and the pathway for businesses to reopen and for our lives to return to a semblance of normal, is to reach the first target of 70% of the eligible population vaccinated.”

To help echo the message, Business NSW has been running an advertising campaign on social channels to help promote bookings for jabs in arms. “It’s critical for our members, and in fact all businesses, to be able to reopen and continue to trade that we encourage people to book a vaccination appointment and it’s great to see this campaign doing exactly that,” said Richard.

The results of the campaign are promising. 93% of people surveyed have already booked or are going to book their vaccination with 71% saying the campaign encouraged them to book their appointment. 84% of respondents believed the advertisement demonstrated Business NSW’s commitment to small to medium-sized businesses.

“Many businesses are doing it really tough right now and that carries through to their staff. We have to see businesses reopening as soon as possible, in a COVID safe way of course. Importantly, businesses need to be able to stay open and plan for continuous trading and not face the uncertainty of ongoing and extended lockdowns. A vaccinated population is the key,” added Richard.

Now’s the time – get your business ready

Jenny Dikranian

Content Writer, My Business

Jenny Dikranian is a content writer passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation in inspiring business success.

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