Return of international students to boost economy

A much-welcomed move by the higher education sector. 

The return of international students by the end of this year will be a great boost to business and the state’s economy.

“NSW looks forward to welcoming these students back to our universities – a sector that has been decimated for the past two years,” said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

“It’s easy to forget that an international student pilot was originally announced in June - two weeks before the current Delta outbreak,” Mr Hunter said.

“It is pleasing to see the Government revisit this and make it a priority. This is an opportunity to test and resolve issues with the return of overseas travellers prior to a broader international border reopening for skilled migrants and tourists.

“International students are vital to the economy and to our workforce – and this will start to help resolve some of the skills and labour shortages expected as we reopen.

“There are of course some issues that need to be resolved, especially by the Commonwealth regarding the acceptance or otherwise of non-TGA approved vaccines.

“There also needs to be decisions made around quarantine arrangements and, down the track, whether vaccine boosters are required by this cohort to ensure their safety and that of their fellow students," Mr Hunter said.

Read the full media release return of international students.

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