The ability to trade safely, to welcome back customers and staff with certainty, and the ability to plan for the future are top priorities for business while quickly rebuilding consumer and trading confidence is central to Business NSW’s submission ahead of the upcoming NSW Budget.

10 February 2022

The submission has been formally lodged with the NSW Government.

“As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to deploy agile and tailored policy making responses remain key. Blunt instruments such as state-wide lockdowns and national wage subsidies must be avoided at all costs,” said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

“The NSW Government’s leadership and collaboration supporting businesses has again been demonstrated, with the delivery, without Federal Government assistance, of the $1billion business support package including direct payments to businesses of up to $5,000 per week,” Mr Hunter said.

“The rebuilding of consumer and business confidence and tailored support for particular business sectors and localities doing it tough are key priorities for the first months of 2022 and may remain an important part of the public policy risk management tool kit should the pandemic evolve further through new variants or a ‘winter wave’.

“In the medium-term, businesses continue to grapple with how best to meet pent up demand whilst navigating the supply side consequences of the pandemic such as vastly reduced migration, interruptions to supply chains and access to skilled labour.

“Safely removing remaining COVID-related restrictions and getting people moving and spending remain top priorities for business.

“Increased freedom and flexibility to safely get on with what business does best, and making sure future restrictions are avoided consistently top both the biggest challenges for business as well as action items they would like to see from government.

“A key focus must be on revitalising Sydney’s multiple CBDs, including Parramatta, and we are fully supportive of bringing workers, shoppers and visitors back to the city in a safe and structured way.

“In the medium term, our CBDs needs to pivot and become more liveable residential precincts featuring child-care centres, educational institutions, late-night shopping, cultural and commercial hubs,” Mr Hunter said.

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