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From Coastal Calm to Hinterland Havens

Australia is no doubt spoilt for choice when it comes to pristine coastlines and beautiful landscapes as far as the eyes can see. There are hundreds of hidden gems dotted all over the NSW coast, claiming to be the latest hot spot or place to be seen.

So, what makes Yamba different? Well, it doesn’t claim to be the newest best place to be. It claims to be one of the oldest, the OG, the place your grandparents used to take you, and now you take your kids.

You could be in any restaurant, in any nook or cranny of Australia, and see that familiar tempting line “Served with Yamba Prawns”. Instantly you are taken into the welcoming arms of our favourite coastal haven, the place families have been visiting year after year for generations. Enjoying the famous Yamba seafood and embracing that nostalgic glow that radiates from the Clarence River as it enters the Pacific Ocean.


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When your most difficult decision of the day is which of the 5 beautiful beaches to choose from (insert quick surf check here!), you know your day is heading in the right direction. Promenades along the river with our old mates, the pelicans, you’ll find Yamba is best explored by foot or via the many bike trails, so you wouldn’t need to start the engine of your car again if you don’t want to.

Yamba, in Northern New South Wales, is home to the tip of the Yuraygir National Park and the pinnacle of a 65km coastal trail stretching along the Clarence Valley coastline. Follow the footsteps of the coastal emu with the signposted track, which traverses the coastline from Yamba to Red Rock. The scenery and views along the way are diverse and astounding. You’ll encounter wildlife and wildflowers as you walk past heathland plains, long sandy beaches, tranquil creeks, lagoons, rocky headlands, and even a marine park.

It is where the Clarence River flows into the ocean, making Yamba an excellent fishing spot. The nearby place of the Yamba break wall offers a wonderful spot for lovers of a morning or sunset walk, kids on scooters, bike riders, and all you fishing enthusiasts out there. Follow the trail of the dolphins as they tailgate the trawlers as they head into port, looking for their morning feed.

Standing proudly atop Pilot Hill is the iconic Yamba Lighthouse, still lighting the way even after over 100 years. From here, you get a panoramic view of the surrounding beaches, the mouth of the river, and Yamba Bay. Sunrise sure is special up here!

It’ll come as no surprise that there’s a number of excellent aquatic experiences available in Yamba: a multitude of fishing options, boat charters, river cruises, barbecue pontoons, paddleboat hire, kayaking tours, whale watching tours in season, not to mention patrolled beaches for cruising, bathing, and a number of great surf breaks for board riders.

“Can somebody please think of the children” Yes indeed, let’s think of all the wonderful ways the younger members of the family enjoy this part of the world. It could be at blue pools, where the brave jump from the natural platform into the deep depths of the once rock quarry, or maybe the skate park where the kids earn kudos for every axel drop-in or double grab they achieve. The big kids show off while the little ones scooter over hilly ramps and watch in awe.

It has been said Yamba has the best climate in the world. Don’t take our word for it, though. There have been actual scientific experiments that prove it (thanks Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)). Even when it does rain, the kids can find shelter and distraction at Yamba Bowlo, with a climbing wall, ten-pin and soft play to keep them happy and amused. The weekly meat raffles also provide fun and games for the big kids. Get in early, grab your tickets and

some dinner from the bistro, cross those fingers and hopefully, you’ll be cooking your big win camp side tomorrow night.

Head to the little boutique shops down the main street to test your spending willpower, or stroll down to the weekly farmers market, monthly river markets or seasonal handmade markets for local fresh produce and handmade gifts (yes, it counts as a gift even if you bought it for yourself!)

The Yamba Time phenomenon is real. Time quite simply doesn’t exist in Yamba. Legend has it that as you pass over Oyster Channel on the drive into town, time becomes just another thing you don’t have to worry about. We’ll meet you where the river meets the ocean at relax o’clock. See you then!


Four days in Yamba

From coastal calm to hinterland havens in Yamba.

Yamba - Iluka - Maclean - Lawrence - Grafton - Yamba                                                  

This itinerary is designed for 2 adults and 2 children.

Aerial overlooking Calypso Holiday Park and the scenic Clarence River.


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