Together in Business

Why we advocate 

What we do

  • We use news and social media to make the public, business owners and Government aware of issues 
  • We collaborate with other industry bodies and community organisations to enhance our influence
  • We advocate to improve the business environment for all businesses
  • By making businesses stronger we contribute to building strong and resilient local communities

How we do it

  • First, we listen to our members through regular surveys, group and individual meetings, phone advice lines, policy committees and advisory councils to identify emerging challenges for business
  • Then our experts develop policy solutions that make it easier to do business which we then recommend to government for implementation
  • We produce well-argued, compelling papers or submissions to back up our advocacy 
  • We meet face to face with politicians, their staff and public servants to put the case for business
  • Government seeks our input on the needs of business because we have a strong and credible voice backed by our in-house expertise and the thousands of businesses we hear from
  • The issues we advocate on include red tape reduction, business taxation, workforce skills, infrastructure, workplace health and safety and workplace relations 

Our member-led approach

To get the job done, we need you.

Our members operate on the ground and provide us with the unique insights we need to develop our advocacy positions.

That’s why our member-based policy committees are so important.

They provide a direct line of communication between members, management and the Board.

Our policy committees examine the costs of doing business, infrastructure, workplace health and safety, workforce skills and workplace policy. They cover all the key areas that can determine the success of business.



Thought Leadership for business

We also lead by putting important issues on the policy agenda. Our Thought Leadership initiative tackles emerging challenges for business and society. It keeps our focus on the future with research and events; contributing thought leadership as we face the future together.

Major Thought Leadership projects have included research and events examining issues such as:

  • NSW gas shortfalls
  • the NSW tax system
  • industry research collaboration
  • post-year 10 education and training
  • development of a Western Sydney airport.



Our advocacy agenda

By listening to our members through regular surveys, group and individual meetings, phone advice lines, policy committees and advisory councils we can identify emerging challenges.

Our policy experts design solutions that address these issues, which we then recommend to government for implementation.

Learn more about our Advocacy Agenda

  • Industry and innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Local government and planning
  • Regulation and taxation
  • Regional affairs
  • Tourism
  • Workforce skills
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workplace relations