Small business owners big losers on teachers' strike

Hundreds of thousands of homes with school aged children will be impacted.

3 May 2022


“With teachers set for industrial action tomorrow, small business owners are spending today planning on how they’ll look after their children,” said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

“There’s ways to make very valid points about workplace conditions without going on strike and inconveniencing a huge majority of the population,” Mr Hunter said.

“It’s not as easy for small businesses with fewer than five staff just to simply work from home or bring children into work.

“While bigger companies can accommodate these sorts of things, it is the local small businesses, the heartbeat of the local community that will have to close down for the day or offer reduced hours to their local customers.

“At a time when businesses are doing all they can just to stay open following the past two years, more interruptions to their operations are yet another blow.

“It’s a difficult time for many industries and workplace negotiations are complex, but this action will result in huge disruptions for people who own and operate small businesses who had planned for their children to be at school.

“Some schools are offering limited supervision, but parents will be rightfully concerned about the welfare of their children during this industrial action and will likely make the decision to keep their children away from school.

“Business NSW urges any workforce threatening industrial action to consider who will suffer the most from this type of strike action,” Mr Hunter said.

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