Skillsroad employment survey report

14 June 2022


Australian jobseekers believe work experience would open the door to meaningful employment, research reveals.

Sydney, NSW: Things seemed a little bleak in the working world for our jobseekers at the end of last year. With an aura of negativity in social spheres and the COVID-19 pandemic still causing lots of anxiety, it was worrying to think that Australian jobseekers might be feeling defeated. However, the Skillsroad Employment Survey Report shows that the prevailing attitude of our job-hunters is hope and resilience – a great sign that 2022 and beyond will be an amazing year for work.

Skillsroad Employment Report 2021-2022 

“It is heartening to see the way some of the most vulnerable segments of our workforce have bounced back and kept working even in these particularly difficult times,” said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter. “It is exactly that optimism that we need, to address the labour shortages that many Australian businesses are facing today.

“The survey results show that even among those who have been job-searching for a long time, there is still a desire to receive training, upskilling and support to continue their job search. Despite the surrounding situation, jobseekers and businesses keep holding their head up and hand up for support, and Business NSW will continue to provide that support,” Mr Hunter said.

“It was interesting to learn that those respondents who chose an apprenticeship or traineeship after school scored on average 10 percentage points higher on the mental health markers than those respondents choosing a different pathway. The stability and purpose of VET is second to none and that shows in our data.”

The report shares actionable insights to help employers, parents and educators better support Australian jobseekers and employees moving forward.

The Skillsroad Employment Report also revealed that 90% of survey respondents believe that work experience would help them get into employment. 

“Work experience is a fantastic opportunity for business to give young jobseekers more exposure to their industry and it is incredibly valuable to help jobseekers gain relevant skills and confidence needed to apply for permanent roles.

“Jobseekers also place huge importance on a functional work/life balance, with most of our younger respondents selecting it as the most important thing when looking at a potential job, with the second being the option of flexible working hours.”

The Skillsroad 2021/22 Employment Survey Report surveyed 5,012 respondents from across Australia with the majority between the ages of 15 and 24, as well as mature-age jobseekers aged 25 and over. 

The survey that collected responses was designed to identify jobseekers’ and employees’ areas of concern when it comes to job-search or deciding which employer to work for, as well as their take on employment prospects.

“The report shares actionable insights to help employers, parents and educators better support Australian jobseekers and employees moving forward,” Mr Hunter said.

Skillsroad is Australia’s number one destination for relevant, trustworthy and industry-led career advice and entry-level jobs. It is an initiative of My Business (formerly NSW Business Chamber) and is backed nationally by the Australian chamber movement. The Australian chamber movement represents over 300,000 businesses and collectively has a vested interest in effectively transitioning school leavers and new talent into the labour force through meaningful and fulfilling career pathways.

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