Business NSW says the NSW Government’s decision to make a number of COVID recovery measures permanent give business great support as they look to a better 2022.

9 December 2021

"The measures proved popular with business and the broader community and the Government should be congratulated for making these measures permanent," said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

"It’s pleasing to see a number of restrictions around trading hours for supermarkets being permanently lifted, as well as the opportunity for businesses to operate at times that suit them if located in industrial areas," Mr Hunter said.

"Pivot was the buzz word of the last 18 months and businesses had to do that – and the community responded accordingly.

"Now the NSW Government has given a number of business the freedom to operate when it suits. Something they’ve been advocating for, for some time.

"The community has changed their buying habits, particularly when it comes to food and perishable items, so its important business was able to trade at a time when it suited customers.

"Businesses appreciate the support of Government while trying to get back on their feet and support the community as they look to get their spending back to pre - pandemic levels," Mr Hunter said.

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