Small business owners across the state are looking for support from their political leaders, when amendments to Workers Compensation appear before the NSW Parliament, according to Business NSW.

"As things currently stand, business face a workers compensation premium hike of more than $900 to cover the presumption that any worker who tests positive to COVID caught the virus while at work," said Business NSW Chief Executive Daniel Hunter.

"Small businesses are just now reopening following the harsh lockdowns that closed down most of NSW, and to be hit with this is a hammer blow that will send many to the wall," Mr Hunter said.

"It's not just the cost that irritates business, it's the time taken in administration and other legal administration brought about by this provision.

"Businesses won’t forget those politicians who, when given the opportunity to show their real support for the sector, chose to slug them with another cost, as opposed to understanding that it is impossible to try and insure against a virus.

"Business owners across all sectors and in all regions will be hoping when the Bill is presented, politicians demonstrate that they are actually on the side of business," Mr Hunter said.

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