‘enough is enough’ on train strikes 

 Business agrees with NSW Government decision to seek resolution in the Fair Work Commission to draw a line under the ongoing disruption to Sydney’s train network. 

6 July 2022


“Sydney is being smashed by torrential rain, floods and a surge in COVID cases – businesses across Greater Sydney do not need more industrial action and rail disruptions to add to their worries,” said Daniel Hunter, CEO of Business NSW. 

“Business NSW has supported a common sense resolution to the dispute between the transport unions and the NSW Government but it is now time for both sides to put down their weapons and resolve this mess.” 

Last week’s disruption cost our economy $68m.... a hit to hospitality, retail and entertainment business owners across our city.

Ahead of a further hearing in the Fair Work Commission tomorrow, Mr Hunter said the Sydney economy had started to roar back to life following the impact of the COVID lockdowns in 2021 but ongoing disruption to the Sydney rail network would undermine businesses in city centres that relied on office workers who use public transport

“NSW Treasury estimates last week’s transport network disruption cost our economy $68m. This is more than just a number on a page, this is a hit to the hip pocket of hospitality, retail and entertainment business owners across our city.” 

“At the same time that we are trying to encourage people to return to offices and reignite CBD economies we’ve got train services being disrupted and thousands of commuters being left stranded – this sends the opposite message that Sydney is open for business. 

“The NSW Premier has said that ‘enough is enough’ and the business community completely agrees. It is time for the rail unions to put the families and businesses of NSW first and come to the table to end the industrial action,” Mr Hunter said.

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